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Here's what the Jazz Society has coming up next.

The Coleman Hawkins Birthday Bash

November 15th at the First Ward House 2101 St. Joseph Avenue.
Doors open at 5:30 and close when the last man leaves.
Lots of fun and great music.

The Devil and Southern Fellowship
MWSU Faculty Jazz Band featuring Kathleen Holeman
Coleman Hawkins Blues Band featuring Jerry Forney

And of course, we're planning the 2015 festivities.

2015 Coleman Hawkins Jazz Festival -- June 12 and 13
2015 Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival -- September 11 and 12

To see the great times at the 2014 Festivals, click below

Friday Jazz Pictures
Saturday Jazz Pictures
Friday Blues Pictures
Saturday Blues Pictures

St. Joseph Music Foundation

Coleman Hawkins' 1939 recording of "Body and Soul"
brought him international recognition. To hear the original rendition,
click play below (second button from the left).
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